Our Founder

Maria Powell R.N.

Happy Lashes was founded in 2008 after its creator Maria Powell had her first experience with eyelash extensions. One appointment, and Maria was hooked! Unable to believe the transformation that happened right before her, she became enthralled in all things lash related. Already a trained nurse, Maria took her passion for people as well as her skills and attention to detail and began focusing on establishing her own lash extension business. Happy Lashes was born!

To this day, Maria remains as passionate about her belief in the power of transformation her eyelash extensions provide for her customers. Everyday, she sees the confidence and sense of well being they create in her clients. More importantly, Maria knows in her heart that Happy Lashes is truly making people happy, one lash at a time.

Happy Lashes

The Brand

Happy Lashes prides itself on standing apart from the competition because attention to detail has always been our top priority. With 3 San Francisco Bay Area locations, and two International locations in the Philippines, we have maintained our position at the forefront of the lash extension industry by creating a safer, more comfortable and efficient lash application process using signature lashes and glue created to meet our exacting standards. To guarantee you the very best, we couple our signature products with lash artists that receive one on one training in our proprietary lash extension application methods. We promise to always meet you with the best personal service and experience every time you walk through our doors.

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