Volume Lash HD

  • Natural Set Lash ($140 plus LPE)


  • Full  Set Lash ($200 plus lashes per eye)


  • Glam Lash ($240 plus lashes per eye)


  • Diva Lash ($350 plus lashes per eye)


  • Bottom Lash


Volume Lash HD Relash / Touch-Up

  • Bottom Fill


  • Full Set Relash


  • Glam Relash


Classic Lash

  • Classic Natural Set Lash ($35 plus lashes per eye)


  • Classic Full  Set Lash ($50 plus lashes per eye)


  • Classic Glam Lash ($60 plus lashes per eye)


  • Classic Diva Lash< ($80 plus lashes per eye)


  • Classic Bottom Lash


Classic Relash / Touch-Up

  • Lash Removal (removal of eyelash extensions)


  • Classic Bottom Fill


  • Classic Full Set  Relash


  • Classic Glam Relash


  • Classic Relash/Fill ( New Client)


Relash / Touch Up
our re-lash/ touch up service is created to fill in any natural lash loss from your initial eyelash extension appointment. using either minks or synthetic eyelashes. we promise we’ll get those lashes back to gorgeous in a blink of a perfectly lashed eye!(recommended within 2 – 3 weeks based upon your natural eyelash growth cycle)

Full Set
youthful and fresh, our full set of eyelash extensions gives you flirty fun eyelashes using 50-60 eyelashes per eye. get ready to bat those big beautiful eyelashes with a look that is just amped up above natural. everyone will notice the difference, but they won’t know they’re not yours. it can be your little secret. we won’t tell!

Glam Set
our glam set of eyelashes gives you full bodied lashes that command attention using 60+ eyelashes per eye. your inner celebrity will be awakened, and you’ll feel red carpet ready any time of the day with eyes that beg to be noticed. we know you’ll welcome the attention. don’t be afraid to go glam!

Diva Set
an all out knock your socks off set of eyelash extensions. the diva set of eyelash extensions will take your eyelashes to the extreme using 80+ eyelash extensions per eye. all eyes will be on you, all of the time. it’s your moment to shine. so go ahead, let your inner diva out!

Bottom Fill

a touch up for your bottom eyelash extensions. after all, your top lashes can’t have all the fun.

Other Services:

  • Authentic Mink Lashes
  • Lower Lash Extensions (Bottom Lashes)
  • Eyebrow Extensions
  • Eyebrow Design/ Shape/Wax


*** Prices are for both eyes
*** We accept Visa and Master Card


Stay LASHTASTIC for less! Introducing Happy Lashes memberships with plans tailored to your lash style AND lifestyle.

Classic Membership

2 classic fills per month


Volume Membership

2 volume fills per month


All memberships include a 10% discount off Happy Lash branded products and services, priority appointment bookings and convenient standing appointments, and entry into our referral rewards program.

Your credit card will be charged automatically monthly based upon the membership plan you have chosen. Membership requires a 6- month commitment and requires a 3o day advance notice prior to termination. A cancellation fee will apply if the 6- month minimum is not met. Unused monthly membership services may not be rolled over to the following month. Failure to provide 24-hour notice of appointment cancellation will result in a forfeited service within that month.

There is a one time $45 initiation fee.

Referral Rewards Program

Sign up for a Happy Lashes membership for entry into our exclusive referral rewards program. Receive a credit for every non-membership referral that references your membership code and stack up points towards free products or services!

Refer a friend to our membership program and receive a $10 credit when they join for a minimum of 6 months!

Usually we give $25 gift cards for every referral, sometimes we give one free fill.