Ask the Lash Experts – #3

Ask The Experts, #3



This is my first time with eyelash extensions… how do I care for them?


We know you want to keep those beautiful eyelash extensions just as pretty as day 1! We’ve answered this question with a few our favorite care recommendations.

First, always remember to BE GENTLE. Not only because of the delicate skin that surrounds the eye area, but also because un necessary rubbing or pulling of the eye area may cause of weakening of the bond between the eyelash extensions and your natural eyelashes. Even worse, you do not want to remove any of your precious natural lashes by pulling or tugging on the eyelash extensions.

Second, KEEP THE EYE AREA CLEAN. After the initial 48 hour waiting period, it is not only safe to wet your eyelash extensions, it is occasionally recommended. For a cleanser we suggest a simple baby shampoo to gently and safely remove debris, oils, makeup or any other residue that may diminish the bond between your natural lashes and your eyelash extensions.

Third, KEEP THOSE LASHES IN PLACE. We suggest using one of our Happy Lashes eyelash extensions brushes to SOFTLY brush your eyelash extensions. Periodic brushing not only helps keep the eye area free from any lint, etc., but it also has the added benefit of reorganizing/ re-positioning the eyelash extensions. This gentle repositioning helps keep the eyelash extensions in a smooth flow with your natural eyelashes preventing overlap, tangling, or pulling between the lashes.

Three easy steps to keep those lashes looking like new. We know this is one you’ll definitely want to commit to memory!


-Team Happy Lashes