Ask the Lash Experts! – #2

ask the experts! – #2

Do eyelash extensions cause my natural lashes to fall out?!

We followed our very first “ask the experts” question and answer segment with the second most commonly asked question from both current and potential clients. Rest assured, the answer is No!

Our Happy Lashes eyelash extensions are safely and accurately applied to your healthy natural eyelashes. At Happy Lashes, our technicians take the extra time before every appointment to assess the health and maturity level of your natural lashes. From that assessment, we are able to plan the best type of eyelash extension for YOUR particular eyelashes. Either synthetic, silk, or mink in wide range of both thickness and lengths ensures that our eyelash extensions are never too heavy, too thick or too long to be properly supported by your natural eyelashes. This extra step means that you will never receive eyelash extensions that are inappropriate for you, and will eliminate the risk of your natural lashes shedding prematurely. The only time you will see a natural lash “fall out” is at the end of their natural lash cycle which averages between 60 – 90 days.

We hope that provides both comfort and clarity to all those considering or currently wearing our Happy Lashes eyelash extensions. We look forward to keeping those eyes beautiful, happy, AND healthy!

Lets keep the questions coming!

-Team Happy Lashes