Ask the Lash Expert – #1! – Eyelash Appointment


“I’m trying to make the most of my “pamper me” time by scheduling my hair and eyelash appointments on the same day. Is it better to get my hair or my eyelashes done first?!!”

This is a great question, and one we hear asked all the time here at Happy Lashes. We ask that you please come to your eyelash extension appointment AFTER you have visited your hairstylist. Your new eyelash extensions are susceptible to damage from both water and heat within the first 48 hours, and with the potential splashing from a fresh shampoo, and the bombardment of heat from a blow dryer on full blast – your beautiful new eyelash extensions simply wont stand a chance. Exposure to these kinds of elements will cause weakness in the glue bound between the eyelash extensions and your natural lashes creating a perfect condition for quick “fall out” of the newly applied eyelash extentions… and we know you don’t want that! So remember, lashes AFTER hair!

Check back for more Ask the Experts posts that hope to answer those nagging lash and beauty related questions that have been hanging around in the back of your mind. You know how the saying goes… knowledge is power!

-Team Happy Lashes