Happy Lashes! Happy Summer !

Nothing says hot girl summer like Happy Lashes eyelash extensions. But how do you care for lashes in all this heat?!! We’ve got the 411 to keep your lashes poppin’ through every pool party, 4th of July festival, backyard barbecue, beach vacation and more!

First things first, everybody knows eyelash extensions and heat aren’t the best of friends. But that doesn’t mean you need to send your favorite eyelash extensions packing for the summer. With a few of our tried and true tips your eyes can still be the life of the party – taking you from day into night with perfect attention- grabbing eyes.

Tip 1
Keep your lashes clean! Oil and dirt mixed with heat is a recipe for disaster. Using our Happy Lashes Signature Foam Wash will keep your lash extensions clean and your natural lashes healthy.

Tip 2
Keep the clumps at bay! Hot, sticky, clumpy lashes are a hot mess. Gently combing your lashes daily will keep your lash extensions separated – allowing your natural lashes and your lash line to “breathe” significantly extending the life of your eyelash extensions.

Tip 3
Keep your appointments current. Even with the best care, excessive heat and summer fun will take a slight toll on the life of your eyelash extensions. Keeping your appointments regular and consistent will avoid bare naked lash lines and the need for emergency eyelash extension appointments.

So bring on the heat! With our eyelash extension tips, you can bring on the hot girl summer AND keep your eyelash extensions looking HOT as ever!

Have a happy summer!
Team Happy Lashes