Synthetic vs. Minks

characteristics of synthetic eyelashes

  • thicker in appearance
  • heavier/ denser, adding a more full appearance to the base of eyelashes
  • synthetic lashes will hold their perfect curve, and create a more uniformed eyelash appearance than their mink counterparts

reasons to choose synthetic eyelashes

  • added glamour for special occasions – photo-shoots, weddings, etc.
  • short term wear – you’ll be wearing them temporarily on a special trip, honeymoon, etc.
  • your own eyelashes are thick and healthy and can easily support the weight of the heavier synthetic eyelash extensions


characteristics of minks

  • weightless – thinner and lighter than synthetic eyelashes
  • shiny and glossy
  • natural looking, but easily amplified with a touch of mascara!
  • longer lasting

reasons to choose mink eyelashes

  • prolonged wear – you expect to wear the eyelash extensions for an extended period of time
  • your natural eyelashes are thinner and not well suited to support the weight of synthetic eyelashes
  • you prefer a more natural look that you can “amp” up at will

what’s best ?!? … a blend!

  • your happy lashes technician can blend your eyelash extensions alternating between mink and synthetic eyelashes where they best suited on you natural lashes
  • you end up with a customized look offering the best of both worlds!

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