My lashes always look amazing

I have been wearing lashes for over a decade now – it is hard to believe. I have worked with several different estheticians and lashers during this time, each person getting better than the next as the lash trend kept growing and technique continued to improve. I met Maria when I moved to the Bay Area and I am confident to say that as long as I stay in the area, she will be my last stop. Her technique and quality of work are second to none. My lashes always look amazing and they LAST! She has incredible attention to detail. Maria has also spent most of her adult career as a registered nurse, so she is not only educated on the physiology of the human body but also educated on aseptic technique which she practices, probably now as part of second nature. I work in the medical industry and this is important to me especially with routine work performed so close to my eyes and mucous membranes. Most importantly, in the 5 years as a Happy Lashes customer, I have developed a special friendship with Maria. I have not met anyone who works harder, is as humble, is as generous, and is as fun as Maria. I am sure all of her clients feel the same way.

– Carolyn M.