top 10 reasons to try Happy Lashes eyelash extensions

Top Ten:

10. Application is quick and painless. Most extensions can be applied in less than an hour. In fact, most of our clients fall peacefully asleep. Zzzzzzz.

9.  Happy Lash eyelash extensions lift the spirit with much needed “me” time. A little self-indulgence is a necessary evil. *Wink.

8.  Look fresh and awake all the time. It’s our little secret, and we won’t tell!

7.  Feel like you just stepped out of the salon every morning.  Happy Lashes eyelash extensions are like a salon treatment for your eyes.

6.  Get extra sleep in the morning hours with the time you cut out from typical mascara application. Go ahead… hit the snooze button. We’ve got your back!

5.  You’ll feel gorgeous and confident all the time. Even straight out the gym!

4.  Wear minimal makeup. Or none at all! Just get up and go!

3.  Feel like a movie star.  The same process used by a-list celebrities to achieve gorgeous, youthful eyes is also used here at Happy Lashes.

2.  Bat, bat, bat…. Who doesn’t LOVE sultry eyes! You’ll have that come hither stare for weeks on end.

1.  You get to meet me, Maria Powell! and our team of  Certified lash extension stylist, and lash addict extraordinaire!

Get gorgeous, get glamourous, get happy with Happy Lashes!