Lashes are a girls’ best friend!

I have been coming to Happy Lashes for 7 years. I have only had stellar experiences there with Maria and Lan. They’re some of my favorite people. They make me look and feel so beautiful! Lashes are a girls best friend!

– Janeen S.

I love this place so much

I love this place so much. I got a full glam set here about 5 months ago with Paula and I’ve kept coming since!
She does such an amazing job. I love the way my lashes look and love the fact I don’t need to wear mascara. It has cut my makeup prep time down significantly!
They are always punctual and will take me early if I get there early. I’ve only ever gotten my lashes done at 2 other places and this is by far my favorite.
– Lydia H.

I’m saving so much time

First Time Lash Extensions!
I booked a last minute appointment within the hour, and was greeted by Cindy my lash stylist.
She was very pleasant and made me feel very comfortable.
I was a bit hesitant because of the price point
$150 – natural set
And $75 – fill (every3-4 weeks)
However, I do think this will be worth it!
Having a full set of amazing lashes makes getting ready 80% easier!!
I’m saving so much time / energy and that to me is worth the investment.
I will write another update review on the duration of how long the lashes last.
– Janessa H.

I’m in love with my new lashes

My appointment was with Chau and she did SUUUUUUUCH a great job. I’m in love with my new lashes. Back to the appt- First she showed me some example lash sets and we agreed on the most popular style which she described as “sexy, but not too dramatic.” I laid down and she prepped me, and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire appointment. I even fell asleep a few times and would get startled and jerk my head but she was so patient and my lashes look amazing.
I can’t wait to see Chau in 2 weeks, she is really sweet and accommodating 🙂 also, at the end of my appointment, Maria came in to take a look. She is clearly extremely dedicated to providing the best service, and dedicated to ensuring that all her lash techs are thoroughly trained. This is deffff the place u want to go in sf!
– Julie C.

I highly recommend Happy Lashes

Janeen did a great job! She was meticulous, broad minded and easy to talk to. The eyelash extension session felt so cozy, it was almost like a spa or staying in a very cozy bed at a hotel. The bed can also be warmed up!! I highly recommend Happy lashes with Janeen 🙂

– Catherine N.

Always left loving my lashes!

This is one of the only places that I trust to get my lashes done. It’s very scary letting someone get so close to your eyes, so you have to trust that they will do a good and safe job. Scheduling online is very easy and I have never had a problem getting an appointment. Plus, I have always left loving my lashes! 🙂

– Lynne T.

Better then promised!

Let me be the first to say I was skeptical about eye lash extensions. We’ve all heard the stories, so know that I went directly to yelp to find the best in the Bay Area. Upon hours of research, I decided that Happy Lashes was the winner. They had such amazing reviews! It almost seemed too good to be true. Let me assure you Maria and her team are better then promised! Maria worked in nursing before following her passion in Eye Lash Extensions. She knows everything you need to know about eye lash care.
Maria could not be any nicer. She makes you feel at ease while you lay on a warm table and relax. Maria walks you through the whole process and tells you the do’s and don’ts to ensure that your eye lashes stay in tip top shape. She is super fast and is a skilled professional. I have been back three times now and am addicted! I have received so many compliments from friends and family. It is amazing what a difference they make! I don’t have to wear a speck of makeup, yet still look fantastic thanks to my beautiful eye lashes!
I would give Maria ten stars if I could. She is absolutely that amazing! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment immediately! You will not be sorry!

– Victoria O.

Love from Yelp: Jeanette Jane G.

I’m writing an updated review TWO years since I first had my eyelashes done at Happy Lashes. They are the only place that I go to and I couldn’t imagine my life or face without them. They’ve become ingrained into my beauty regime and the ladies at Happy Lashes always leave you satisfied and beautiful. I always get compliments on my eyelashes and people think I was just lucky and born with beautiful lashes (they are so jealous!). But don’t fear, I tell them where I really get them from because I want them to experience the magic and the confidence they will get after a lash set at Happy Lashes!

– Jeanette Jane G.


Love from Yelp: Candice V.

Happy Lashes will enhance the beauty in every woman!! Boy do I feel so good and beautiful with my lashes!!  Maria P. is so friendly and makes you feel right at home.  She is very quick and efficient! Very light with her hands…I barely feel her placing lashes on me! I am always amazed when my lashes are done!

I love how she is also a nurse!  I definately feel safe in her and her staff’s hands!  Staff is very sweet!

I get compliments even weeks in!  Definitely recommend her and yes, i will be back!

– Candice V.